IES Jakarta

April 2023

Ascension Day

Join us at IES Jakarta on Thursday, May 18 at 10 AM.

Mic Bebas

This event will be on this Friday, May 19 from 6 – 9 PM at Pos Bloc Jakarta. Water and some snacks will be provided.

Prayer Walk

This month’s Prayer Walk will be on this Saturday, May 6. Please gather at Pintu Kuning before 7 am. Water and some snacks will be provided. For more information, please contact Pastor Allen at

Take a Beat 2023, Special Ep. 2 – It’s the Hard-Knock Life

This is another special episode of Take a Beat! Pastor Tirza Magdiel is joined by Kamlesh and Anthony (the Pastor of IES Encounter), and they talk about going through difficult and challenging times as a family. What does that look like? How is it even possible to survive those tough times?

Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 11 – Whose Rule is it Anyway?

This is a special week of Take a Beat! Our church is celebrating The Week that Changed Everything, so things are a little different. Yes, we’re chatting about stuff. But it’s also an invitation for all of us to reflect and figure out what’s what. ICYMI, this is the sermon from last week:

English Orphanage Club

English orphanage club is a regular activity from IES with the purpose to improve children’s English skills.  The lesson theme and props are prepared by the core team. The core team will also be the leader in the whole session. There will be a session for group study, in which each child will be separated …

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Prison Ministry

Come join us for Prison Ministry on Friday, April 7th at Cipinang Penitentiary.