IES Jakarta

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Core Beliefs

God has called every believer to be mature in Christ, and to do works of service for the Lord in the church and the world (Ephesians 4:9-13). The key to reaching this goal is the understanding that God has called every Christian to be a minister of God, to the church, and the world around him, and to grow to be more like Jesus every day. Every Christian should be a minister every day, and every Christian should be growing in the Lord every day.

In order to accomplish these twin goals, our church puts an emphasis on the maturing power of the Word of God, on the heartfelt worship of God, and on genuine fellowship with other believers.

During the weekend services, the Word of God is taught in a way that is accurate and applicable to every life. As we grow to understand God’s word, and correctly apply to our own situation; our attitudes, our goals, and our entire lives are changed. As we change, we become more active in doing the will of God as we are being changed to be like Him.

Time is given to respond to God through worship and proclamation. The Christian life is a two-way life. We not only hear from God, but we also must respond to Him. When we gather and praise Him together, the Spirit of God is with us is a special way to touch us in every area of our lives. We are changed by the Spirit to become more like Jesus, and the spirit enables us to have the strength, desire and ability to minister to others.

Genuine fellowship is experienced as we pray one for another and share with one another.

Being a Christian is not just a matter of our relationship with our Christian brothers and sisters. One of the changes that God makes in our character is that He causes us to put the needs of others above our own needs. As we love and serve one another in different ways, the non-believers in the world get a glimpse of what God’s eternal Kingdom is like.