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Why IES Online?

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Online Community

Why IES Online?

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We have online services every weekend on

Saturdays at 5pm (GMT+7)
Sundays at 10am (GMT+7)


We have Zoom-based online teen services (for teens ages 12-18) and small Bible-reading groups for teenagers throughout the week. Contact Mathieu for more information.

We have online resources for kids, which include lessons, music playlists, craft ideas, etc. We have parent resources as well. Go to to access these!


The modern world has brought with it vast technological advancement, access to global travel, and an increase in isolation. The need for belonging and community has become a global need. In 2020, our world changed drastically, making the need for healthy and innovative ways of doing community even more prevalent.

We at IES believe that the church isn't a specific building in a specific location. The church is the people. The church is a welcoming space for all. The church is a place where everyone belongs.

The church is more than just weekend services. It’s about community!

Wherever you are in the world, you can be part of our community. Click the button below to join our online community today!


IES Online has a video podcast! We want to take some time in the middle of the week to chat about the sermon from the previous weekend and some of the real life applications.

The phrase "take a beat" is a expression from music that means to pause from what's currently going on, often to take inventory and reassess. That's what we want to do here! Grab a beverage, take a short break, and then keep applying God's Word in our lives!


We want to get to know you! Share a prayer request, contact a member of the team, and get more information.

Tirza Magdiel

Digital Pastor