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Kids Church

Our mission:

" help parents raise their kids in Christ & develop ministers for the kingdom of God."

We believe Kids are the church of today so we can’t wait to connect them with Christ and help them grow in Him. If you’re new or returning to Jakarta, or looking for a church where your kids can connect with Christ in an English speaking environment, we look forward to helping you help your kids grow in Christ. If you’re looking to get involved in ministry we’d love to talk to you about that, too.




Early Years Class (Ages 0-5)

Elementary Class (Ages 6-12)


9:00AM & 11:15AM

Early Years Class (Ages 0-2)

Early Years Class (Ages 3-5)

Elementary Class (Ages 6-9)

Preteens Class (Ages 10-12)

Online Kids Church

Come back each weekend to find online lessons that will help your child grow in Christ.

Early Years

This month, we are teaching preschoolers something else they can do that is a really big deal. They can love like Jesus! Serving others, showing kindness, helping and loving everyone. These are things that even our younger children can do. And when they do, they love like Jesus!

Elementary Years

No matter how much we mess up, God will always forgive us. Jesus even chose to forgive those who were crucifying Him. With God's help, we can free ourselves from the weight of anger and bitterness, while giving the other person an opportunity to rewrite the story.


This month, Preteens will encounter God as He reveals Himself to be the powerful and mighty Adonai (King of Kings and Lord of Lords).

IES Kids LifeGroups

For Elementary Kids (ages 6 through 10)

We believe that kids need a consistent group of friends that they not only have fun with but can also learn the word of God with. Our LifeGroups consists of only 10-15 kids per group (who are already in elementary school), allowing for an effective worship environment. Our groups are currently led using the online Zoom platform. It is held for 6 weeks.

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