IES Ministries


We do that by Water Baptism, which in our context is immersion in water.

The word Baptism has many layers of meanings. One meaning that as a community we emphasize is that it is an act of outward and public statement of your inward commitment to follow Christ. Hence, each and every baptism is a celebration that we look forward to as a community!

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Baby Dedication

Psalm 127:3 says, "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

We couldn't agree more! At IES, we do not do infant baptism. Instead, we dedicate children to the Lord in front of the congregation. We choose to do so in order to make the commitment that as a community, we will support the child's parents in bringing up the child in the Lord.

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As a Church, we celebrate the forming of new families.

We look forward to serving you in making your wedding a wonderful and memorable occasion. Even more, we rejoice in the privilege of helping a couple build a firm foundation for a marriage centered on Jesus Christ.

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IES is all about helping people grow to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. To facilitate that we offer Internships as a ministry to those who are interested in growing in ministry.

What does an internship look like? Each internship is unique to the needs and goals of the person doing. We have the ability to structure internships to facilitate academic development, personal ministry development, or even first-time work-life experiences.

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There are a number of different ministries that you can be a part of at IES - from working with music, to working with kids, there is something for everyone.

Involvement in ministry is an opportunity for you to share your talents, but also for you to grow! We provide support for you as you embark on that journey through orientation, SHAPE Workshop, team nights, etc.

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