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Take a Beat

Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 13 – Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Take a Beat episode 13 features a bunch of exuberant teenagers. Pastor Tirza Magdiel chats with teens from IES Teens on families, communication, and life through the eyes of teenagers. Take a beat, grab a beverage (or something off of the Mcdonalds’ menu), and join our convo!

Take a Beat 2023, Special Ep. 2 – It’s the Hard-Knock Life

This is another special episode of Take a Beat! Pastor Tirza Magdiel is joined by Kamlesh and Anthony (the Pastor of IES Encounter), and they talk about going through difficult and challenging times as a family. What does that look like? How is it even possible to survive those tough times?

Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 11 – Whose Rule is it Anyway?

This is a special week of Take a Beat! Our church is celebrating The Week that Changed Everything, so things are a little different. Yes, we’re chatting about stuff. But it’s also an invitation for all of us to reflect and figure out what’s what. ICYMI, this is the sermon from last week: