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Take a Beat 2023, PD’s Birthday Special: Tackling Self-Esteem Issues

It’s not a Wednesday but we’re coming at you with a Take a Beat Special Episode. It’s Pastor Dave’s birthday today (June 30th), and we decided to tackle one of the questions from our Live Q&A last weekend.

The question: What do I do about low self-esteem?

PD said he was going to think about it, look at some research, and so we decided to make a podcast out of it! And we have a very very special guest joining us!

The workbook PD mentioned is “The Search for Significance” by Robert S. McGee In case you wanted to access the resource PD mentioned, here’s the link to the workbook on Amazon.

There’s also a book that’s part of that. ICYMI, this was the Live Q&A from Saturday’s live streamed service:

Take a beat and wish Pastor Dave a very happy birthday!