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Take a Beat 2024, Ep. 11 – Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! PART 2 (Melisa Simanjuntak)

“I didn’t know how all of this worked. So I just volunteered.”

In this conversation, Pastor Melisa Simanjuntak shares with Pastor Tirza her journey of transitioning from corporate life to full-time ministry and then to starting her own ministry. She talks about the challenges and adjustments she faced along the way, including the mindset shift from volunteering to being on paid staff, the lifestyle adjustments, and the need for financial management. She also discusses the importance of following God’s calling, taking calculated risks, and being open to new opportunities. Pastor Melisa encourages listeners to do their homework, seek guidance, and have courage when considering a pivot in their own lives.


  • Transitioning from corporate life to full-time ministry can be challenging, but it’s important to be open to new opportunities and follow God’s calling.
  • Adjusting to the lifestyle and financial changes that come with full-time ministry requires a mindset shift and financial management skills.
  • Taking calculated risks and doing your homework before making a pivot in your life can help ensure a successful transition.
  • Imposter syndrome is a normal response to new environments and roles, but having faith in God’s calling and relying on His strength can help overcome it.
  • Reading the Bible and meditating on the Word can increase confidence and provide guidance during times of transition.

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