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Take A Beat 2024, Ep. 13 – Never Too Young: Kids Edition (Kristin Suyanto and Kamlesh)

“Faith building is a long game.”

In this episode of Take a Beat, Pastor Tirza Magdiel is joined by Kristin and Kamlesh to discuss faith and its influence on children. They explore the different developmental stages of children and how faith can be taught and nurtured at each stage. They also discuss the challenges children face in living out their faith and the importance of parents as the primary disciples of their children.


  • Faith development in children varies based on their developmental stage, and it is important to teach and nurture their faith in age-appropriate ways.
  • Trust is crucial for babies, while toddlers start to develop a sense of autonomy. Preschoolers learn through songs and stories, and elementary kids start to think abstractly.
  • Parents play a vital role in disciplining their children and should model a lifestyle of faith. It is not enough to rely solely on Sunday school or Christian schools.
  • Children face challenges in living out their faith, such as peer pressure and conflicting values. Parents need to be intentional in discussing and addressing these challenges.
  • Prayer is an important aspect of children’s faith, and they often pray for healing, good grades, and other needs. Miracles and answered prayers can strengthen their faith.

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