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Take A Beat 2024, Ep. 15 – God’s Track Record PART 1 (Mike and Chelly Rody)

“Highlights and challenges are part of every phase of life”


In this episode of Take a Beat, Pastor Mike and Chelly Rody discuss their time in Indonesia and their experiences in different phases of their lives. They talk about their time in Jakarta during Phase 1A and Phase 1B, their move to Ferndale in the US, and their return to Jakarta for Phase 2. They share highlights and challenges of their time in Indonesia, including their children’s adjustment to school, the passing of Pastor Mike’s father, and the difficulty of being away from family. Through it all, they trust in God’s guidance and see His hand at work.


  • Moving to a new country and adjusting to a different culture can be challenging but also rewarding.
  • Trusting in God’s guidance and following His call can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.
  • Being away from family can be difficult, but finding a supportive community can help ease the transition.
  • Highlights and challenges are part of every phase of life, and it’s important to trust in God’s plan and see His hand at work.

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