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Take A Beat 2024, Ep. 7 – Never Too Young: Young Adults Edition PART 1

“Success as we see it, like Forbes 30 under 30, those are the definition of the world. But that’s not how God sees success.”

In this episode of Take a Beat, Pastor Tirza Magdiel interviews Rashley, Reina, and Gabe about their faith journeys as young adults. They discuss how their faith has shaped their lives and the role it plays in their success and ambitions. They emphasize the importance of relying on God and finding freedom in surrendering their plans to Him. They also talk about the challenges of living out their faith in a culture that values different definitions of success.


  • Faith is an anchor and a source of freedom in the lives of young adults.
  • Success is not defined by worldly standards but by God’s perspective.
  • Relying on God and surrendering our plans to Him brings peace and freedom.
  • Living out our faith in a culture that values different definitions of success can be challenging.

“When I rely on humans, they fail. When I rely on myself, I’m not strong enough to handle that.”

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