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Christmas Celebration: A Night Full of Stars

Christmas Celebration: A Night Full of Stars

Come join us on Sunday, December 3, 2023! As we celebrate Christmas with an IES Kids Christmas Musical Production: A Night Full of Stars!

The audience has gathered, the actors are in place, but the story just changed. Instead of the triumphs of Bethlehem’s own famous shepherd-king and giant killer put on display, King David, a new and better show is suddenly taking center stage.

We can’t help but worship the new “most famous person ever born in Bethlehem” — the Savior of the world, Jesus!

The anticipation builds, and as the curtain rises on this divine narrative, hearts are stirred with the recognition that the true star of Bethlehem has arrived, bringing a story of hope and redemption that surpasses all others.

The IES Kids Church (Ages 6-12) will present the musical production during the 9 AM and 11:15 AM Sunday services.

There will be no Kids Church classes or Teens service on that Sunday.

Please plan to have a good time with the whole family!

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