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Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 24 – Have you met Katie?

In this episode, we would like to introduce you to Katie Luke! She’s a new addition to the IES staff. So Pastor Tirza Magdiel took this opportunity to chat with her. Haaave you met Katie? If you haven’t, you should!

Take a Beat 2023, Special Episode: Teens Takeover Weekend

We have yet another special episode (2 in one week!). The teens from IES Teens not only took over our services, but they also took over the podcast! Whoa. Join our teens (Theo, Elise, and Jennifer) as they chat with Pastor Josh Kunze. Take a beat, and join in on the convo!

Take A Beat 2023, Special Episode: Gigi’s Story

Today we get to celebrate Gigi Kenney’s birthday! She is such an integral part of IES, and some people don’t even know her story! So today Pastor Tirza Magdiel chats with Gigi about her story and how God has brought her to this place and this season

Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 22 – Ask Away: God’s Voice

We’re on Episode 22 of Take A Beat and Pastor Tirza Magdiel @tmagdiel chats with Pastor Dave Kenney about what it means to hear God’s voice. How can we differentiate between God’s voice and others’? How does that really work? Join in on the conversation! We want to hear from you!

Take a Beat 2023, Ep. 20 – Go for Gold(a)!

Take a beat and let us introduce you to one of the newest addition to the IES Staff! Pastor Tirza Magdiel sat with Golda and asked her to share a little bit of her story with us.